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Grow helps you improve through constructive, quantifiable, and actionable conversations within your network.

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Improve your self-awareness to reinforce your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses through the wisdom of the crowd.


Turn a subjective improvement conversation into an objective measurement by visualizing your progress over time.


Effortlessly employ radical candor and grow alongside your peers while building deeper relationships.

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“ When it comes to individual development, feedback is a key component of improvement. However, outside of my formal job it became very difficult to gather useful criticism. Grow has enabled me to give and receive timely and honest feedback effortlessly. At first I was skeptical about the lack of anonymity, but being vulnerable has helped build trust within my team. Grow has become instrumental in helping my peers and I evolve together. ”

Maria Luisa Garduno

Maria Luisa Garduno Program Manager, Mastercard

“ As a business school candidate, feedback and growth are extremely important. With Grow, I am able to give feedback to and track feedback from my classmates as well as specify what areas in which I want to focus. As this feedback is not anonymous, I can easily engage with my classmate giving the feedback to dive deeper and develop better relationships with them. Grow is helping me be a better me. ”

Andrew Schaye

Andrew Schaye MBA Candidate, Cornell Tech


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Ryan Sydnor

Ryan Sydnor

Founder & CEO

Ryan is an entrepreneurial product engineer with 8 years of full-stack experience leading agile teams to build products that people love. He has built Alternative Investment reporting tools for Merrill Lynch, helped Bridgewater Associates migrate to the cloud, and saved time for teachers with new product types on the Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace.

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